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Arulmigu Iynthuveetuswamy Temple - Chettiyapathu

      In this temple there are 6 Moolavars situated in five sannithis and so it ia s called as Iynduveetu swamy.

      The six gods in the temple are Aathi Swamy, Periya Swamy, Vayanaperumal, Anandammal, PeriyaPiratti and Thirupuzhi Alwar. Of the six swamy only Periyaswamy sannidhi has Statue for him . This dosent have raja gopuram and Mandapams etc and pooja parctice followed here are of Region Centric. i.e specifc to people living in this area and is different from normal pooja practice.

      Aathiswamy is the oldest god in this temple.This god is consideres as Sudalaimadasamy amsam as udupu, vallayam, aathiare used for this god.

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Arulmigu Iynthuveetuswamy Temple